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Trendspotting: Moving Beyond a Traditional Lawn

In last week’s post, I discussed how breakfast in bed seems to be disappearing as a common activity in the United States. In order to spot trends such as this, you have to have a good sense of the past … what has come before or been a part of the cultural landscape and now is shifting. (That’s an important use of history – trendspotting!) Another trend I have noticed recently is within lawn care.…

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Continuing my floral-themed somewhat frivolous blog posts (frivolous only because they don’t take long to write, but not in terms of the beauty of these plants), here are a couple of photos from the hostas we have in the yard. We were fortunate to adopt what turned into an entire bed of hostas (and then some) from a gardener who was thinning her plants a few years ago. The hostas are looking healthy and gorgeous…

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What Plant Is This?

In front of our house is a large bed of perennial plants and flowers, mostly lilies with a couple of hostas, some violets, and chives mixed in. When I created the bed a few years ago, I thought of it as a rain garden, a place for water to fall off the roof of the house and flow into a space that would soak it up. Grass would never properly grow in that spot, on…

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