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History’s Hierarchy of Purpose – Education & Entertainment

  My Experience with History Education Working our way up from Resource Location & Preservation on History’s Hierarchy of History, we come to Education & Entertainment. When most people think of history, they think of their history education in school and how much they hated it. When I was in high school, history was presented as a series of events, names and dates to memorize, typically jumping from war-to-war, with very little of what happened…

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The Deep Worry of Historians

Here’s a little secret . . . something historians talk about amongst ourselves, out of earshot of museums goers and the general public. We worry over the lack of appreciation for history. History is the Rodney Dangerfield of culture. It gets no respect in American society. We’ve heard all the aspersions against history. It’s boring. It’s hard to teach. There’s too much to know and, as high schoolers say about higher algebra, it doesn’t seem…

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