art observations

Variations on a Theme

The lilies in our yard are just starting to bloom. Because of the combination of a few days of rain followed by a few days of sun, & etc., that we’ve had this summer, the leaves of the lilies are vibrant green and very healthy. There’s nothing I like better than taking my camera out and shooting dozens of photos, often of the same plant, but from different views or with different settings … variations…

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Peonies and Ants

The peonies have been blooming in central Minnesota. When I see peonies in bloom, I think of ants. My mom told me that ants are needed to open peony flowers. How cool! A symbiotic relationship, like little sucker fish on bigger fish. But, it’s not necessarily true. A little online research on a couple of websites ( and Iowa State University Extension) featuring an early-style web layout (which certainly helps date them) shows that peonies…

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