Mary E Warner, Creative Hyphenate

My name is Mary E. Warner and I’m a Creative Hyphenate.

I’m a Writer-Artist-Nonprofit Museum Profesional-Historian-Futurist-Techie-Entrepreneur-Thought Gatherer-Researcher-Planner-Organizer-Doula of Systems, Projects & Ideas (i.e. I know how to get stuff done).

See all the hyphens? I was happy to run across the term Creative Hyphenate to describe a person with lots of skills. It’s certainly better than Jill-of-All-Trades (which has no shortage of hypens, either).

There are probably a few other descriptors I could throw in but the list is excessive already, and slightly unbelievable. Thing is, in this day, it shouldn’t be unbelievable. We all have multiple skills, which we are called upon to exercise due to the nature of society, technology, and rapid change.

If you are a Creative Hyphenate, welcome to the club! If you don’t consider yourself a Creative Hyphenate, perhaps you want to rethink that and join the club too.

This website is an effort to showcase some of my Creative Hyphenate skills. Make yourself at home.


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