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  1. How did I get to your website! Well power of just going with the flow of one search brings you to a world of beauty, love, war and serenity.

    I enjoyed you photographs emensley, I see you like to capture things that capture your eye, some may think mundane things. No this is not true each thing captured has its own shape and beauty within it environment. The photographs that I take are similar to you using your creative eye, capturing the beauty of things flowers, wagon wheels, trees what ever it be; bringing life to reality.

    My passion is history, be it ancient monuments, castles, churches, people, places. I love the mystery of finding the history and bringing it back to life.

    I write but mainly poetry, my heart sings out when I write, even when it’s something sad; does that make sense!

    Nice sharing your website and your fabulous work. Let your work flow on.

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