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Internet Nostalgia – Bitey of Brackenwood

I was suddenly hit with a fit of Internet Nostalgia the other day. I recalled seeing an animated video online years ago that featured a little yellow blob creature in a beautiful forest. For the life of me, I could not remember the name or anything else about the video but I desperately wanted to see it again. Arrgh! It dawned on me that I had shared a link to this video on my original…

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Olio – November 11, 2015

Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things Happy Veterans Day! Hats off to all who have served in the military. I found a nice history of Veterans Day at the VA’s website. Other interesting items I’ve found online recently include …. Raiders of the Lost Web, which discusses how websites can disappear (it’s easier than you might think) and how the Internet Archive is trying to save them 20 Quick Tips on Writing Great Blog Posts…

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YOCR #16 – The News: A User’s Manual

I wasn’t sure whether to count this book among my Year of Creative Reading, but decided I must when I realized it gave me an idea for a class I could create. Hey, if a book is that inspiring, surely it should count toward creative reading. I found this book quite by accident at the library. It’s called “The News: A User’s Manual” and was written by Alain de Botton. After looking through de Botton’s…

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Current Reading: Saving Capitalism

I follow economist Robert Reich on Facebook and appreciate the way he explains complicated financial topics. When he announced that his new book, “Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few”, was due to be released, I pre-ordered it from the library. When it arrived, I gobbled it up because Reich once again delivered complex subjects in his easy-to-understand style. The overall premise of the book, which should be obvious to anyone paying attention, is the…

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Olio – October 24, 2015

Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things So much fascinating stuff to see, read, hear, enjoy …. so little time. Passing along some of what I’ve found to you. The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Really Succeed – If you’re any kind of writer, artist, creative person, you need to read this, then you need to figure out how to build a network of support. Boredom is not a problem to be solved. It’s the last…

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