Fengmei sock label, “Enjoy your cocks style,” 2019.

I’m Going to Leave This Right Here

It has been months since I have added to my blog here. I’ve been spending my blogging time over at The Pragmatic Historian, keeping up with a weekly blogging habit there.

While I focus that blog on the uses of history all over society and I can write about a gazillion different topics with that focus, sometimes I run across something that doesn’t quite fit.

I have a habit of pointing out odd package labeling here and I found a doozy to share.

The label is from socks I ordered online, five pair that are delightfully warm.

I’m going to leave this right here, but read the label carefully.

Fengmei sock label, "Enjoy your cocks style," 2019.
Fengmei sock label, “Enjoy your cocks style,” 2019.

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