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Olio: April 12, 2016


Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things

Here are some items of interest I’ve found online recently.


For data geeks, Minnesota Compass has created geographic profiles for Minnesota cities over 1,000 in population.


From Unstuck: How to be a better complainer – As a bit of a contrarian, I am weary of the constant societal push for everyone to be positive all the time, like we’re never supposed to complain about life. This article points out my basic philosophy of complaining … if it helps you to move to a more constructive place, then the judicious use of complaining is appropriate.


From the BBC: ‘I see colours you cannot perceive or imagine’ – I have long been fascinated with synesthesia and the differences in perception among people. This article discusses a visual genetic mutation that gives one artist a super-duper sense of color.


From The Atlantic: How Has the MFA Changed the Contemporary Novel? – To get an MFA degree in creative writing or not? That is the question. So far, the conclusion I’ve always come to is that it’s much cheaper to forego the degree and just write. This article backs me up.


Ancient Healing for Modern Women: Traditional Chinese Medicine for All Phases of a Woman’s Life by Xiaolan Zhao – Going old-skool with a book here, but this is a fascinating view of women’s health that I am currently reading.

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