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Curious Puppy

I’m finding that my Loft online writing class isn’t taking as much time as I expected it would, which is a good thing. The Loft is obviously considerate of the fact that those of us taking its classes (especially the online ones) have lots of other obligations in our lives and need to fit our writing in where we can. I’m enjoying the class immensely and learning helpful ideas regarding plotting novels and stories, which is very much the point of the class. Even though the class is not taking lots and lots of time, while I’m involved with it, my posts here will be light and frivolous. Here, then, for your edification, is our curious puppy. (Yes, he’s 5 years old, so technically not a puppy, but he’ll always be a puppy to us.)

Aleksandr, June 29, 2015, photo by Mary Warner.
Aleksandr, June 29, 2015, photo by Mary Warner.

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